As professionals with more than three decades of experience in the HVAC Industry , we formed Aeroduct division specializing in the manufacture of HVAC Accessories.
The complete range of Aeroduct product is made in Dubai – United Arab Emirates, and meets all relevant international testing standards. The range of products can be broadly classified as

  • Flexible Duct Connectors ( Standard and Insulated)
  • Insulation Fasteners ( Steel and Aluminum nails)
  • Damper Accessories ( Quadrants and Hardware)

Aeroduct products are well accepted throughout the Middle East region, Africa , Russia and the United States of America. A strong network of offices and distributors in UAE, Saudi Arabia , Oman , Qatar and Kuwait ensure that the products are always available in stock and meet the highest standards of quality.
If you are one of our loyal clients , we thank you for having reposed your confidence in Aeroduct. If you are looking for a partner to address your requirements for HVAC accessories, we would be delighted to compete for your business.



AERODUCT is an economical, durable and fully flexible duct connector specially designed for heating, cooling ventilating and air conditioning systems. AERODUCT is produced from UV resistant fabric using a special Max-Loc technique. The Max-Loc system ensures that the reinforced flexible material and the galvanized steel plate are inseparable. Wide range fabric with leak proof rigid construction is suitable for rectangular, oval or circular applications. The continuous 100’ or 150’ rolls readily dispenses from a bench-high carton. Isolates vibrations produced by AHU, fans, blowers and other HVAC equipment. Available in a variety of special fabrics and two gauges of prime galvanized steel.


AERODUCT Self- adhesive hangers ensure high quality of fixing of insulation on smooth surfaces such as air ducts attenuators, chambers and enclosures.
Sticker pins are insulation hangers with a self-stick base. Just peel the release paper from the hanger base and firmly press the base to the duct surface. Impale the insulation over the hanger nail and slip on the locking washer. Self-stick hangers adhere to clean metal surfaces and withstand temperatures of up to 79ºC.

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