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The soft-annealed copper coil is mostly used in refrigerant line of HVAC systems. It can be used for the Connection, repairs, or modification of air-conditioning units. Copper tubing can be joined by using flare connection, compression connection, or solder. Venture Copper Coil is manufactured in single-layer, double-layer, and multi-layer and it is suitable for bending with or without tools.


TYPE K: - Copper tubes of Type K are Thick-walled, much thicker than Type L and Type M, and are used for domestic water service and distribution, fire protection, solar, fuel and oil, HVAC, compressed air, oxygen, LPG gas, snow melting, steam, and vacuum systems.

TYPE L: - Standard copper tubes of Type L are used for the interior above ground plumbing, domestic water service and distribution, fire protection, solar, fuel and oil, HVAC, compressed air, LPG gas, snow melting, and vacuum-systems.

TYPE M: - Copper tubes of Type M are used in ACR systems, Refrigerators, coolers, refrigerant units, building water pipes, and generator units. The thickness of the wall is less than that of Type K and Type L.


As a leading manufacturer and supplier of copper fittings and tube in China, Venture Copper Tube guarantees superior performance of our copper fittings for your plumbing needs. Copper tubes and fittings are an excellent choice for your plumbing as the copper has superb thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and is remarkably durable.

It is important to make use of a single material throughout the entire mechanical system and therefore using copper fittings with copper tube makes for performance you can rely on every time.

All of our fittings are thoroughly tested to ensure absolute quality and durability.


DURAFLEX is a heavy duty fully flexible, compressible light weight duct specially designs and manufactured for heating, cooling, exhaust and air conditioning systems. DURAFLEX is extremely durable and will maintain dimensional stability when fully extended. Highly efficient when correctly installed, DURAFLEX provides a maintenance free service life under normal operating conditions.

Applications & Benefits:-

• Impermeable to UV rays
• Available in bare or pre-insulated with fiber glass insulation
• A quick and efficient means of correcting misalignment between system components
• Allows ducting around obstacles where fabricated and fitted ducts would be difficult and costly to install.

Features & characteristics:-

• Tear & puncture resistant construction
• Low friction loss
• Highly resistant to microorganisms
• Low operating coast
• No air leakage
• Dimensional stability


AERODUCT is an economical, durable and fully flexible duct connector specially designed for heating, cooling ventilating and air conditioning systems. AERODUCT is produced from UV resistant fabric using a special Max-Loc technique. The Max-Loc system ensures that the reinforced flexible material and the galvanized steel plate are inseparable. Wide range fabric with leak proof rigid construction is suitable for rectangular, oval or circular applications. The continuous 100’ or 150’ rolls readily dispenses from a bench-high carton. Isolates vibrations produced by AHU, fans, blowers and other HVAC equipment. Available in a variety of special fabrics and two gauges of prime galvanized steel.


AERODUCT Self- adhesive hangers ensure high quality of fixing of insulation on smooth surfaces such as air ducts attenuators, chambers and enclosures.
Sticker pins are insulation hangers with a self-stick base. Just peel the release paper from the hanger base and firmly press the base to the duct surface. Impale the insulation over the hanger nail and slip on the locking washer. Self-stick hangers adhere to clean metal surfaces and withstand temperatures of up to 79ºC.


• Made of polyester fabric reinforced pvc film and high tensile strength steel wire to operate in medium and low pressure systems.
• Suitable for heating ventilation air conditioning and gas exhaust lines carrying particuls.
• Especially increased resistance for high physical strokes of particuls
• High resistant to strokes and friction.
• Flexible ducts for industrial fields.
• Flame retardant.


Application: General purpose for single phase AC loads such as fans, motors, air conditioners, HID lamps etc.

Container: Aluminium cans with caps & Protection plates

Encapsulation: Impregnated in biodegradable, non-polluting oil (non-P.C.B.)

Standard: IEC 60252-1 (2013-08), UL 810.

Rated Voltage*: 370, 440 VAC, 50/60 Hz.

Capacitance Range*: Single Rating: 1 to 100µF

(Note: Small µF always placed first.)

Series MB

Application: General purpose, mainly for single phase AC loads such as fans, coolers, washing machines and other small appliances.

Case: Available in Matchbox type. Made of blue ABS material. Material meeting flammability UL 94-V2 is also available.

Encapsulation: Dry filling materials

The capacitors are encapsulated in resin (non-P.C.B.)


Al Tayer Thermoflex is a flexible and high quality closed cell elastometric nitrile rubber foam designed for insulating liquid heating and cooling systems.

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